Food is at the heart of The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, and we’ll feed every guest to their heart’s content! From comfort food classics in the deli, to hand-crafted bakery items, the offerings are endlessly delicious.  


The Deli

The deli offers a selection of grab-n-go meals as well as fresh, made-to-order options that are sure to put a smile on your face.


The Bakery

Our bakery creates unforgettable, tasty treats and pastries that are sure to bring you back time and time again.


P.W. Coffee

We take coffee very seriously at The Merc! Our partnership with Topeca Roastery in Tulsa, Oklahoma ensures each and every cup of our signature roasts is 100% magical.

Fun, Fabulous, Functional

Come Dive In at the Deli!

From Mac and Cheese to Chicken Fried Steak, Pancakes to Steak & Eggs, the menu at the Merc will make your eyes widen with delight!

P.W. Coffee.

Our team of skilled (and friendly!) baristas will make you the best cup of coffee (or latte...or cappuccino...or macchiato...) you've ever tasted. Or grab a signature Cowboy Coffee or Spicy Cowgirl to go. Your coffee love is about to go through the roof!

Flaky, Fresh-Baked Goodness!

Our scones are life changing. Our cinnamon rolls---breathtaking! And our croissants? Fugghetaboutit. Every delight from The Merc's bakery is baked from scratch on site, and you can taste that in every bite.