After six amazing years of being open in our small town (we can't believe it's been that long!), we are excited to share that on January 9, 2023, we started on a remodel project in The Mercantile restaurant, bakery, and store!

After the past several years of welcoming guests, we are replacing all the floors in our retail store AND doing a complete remodel of our restaurant and bakery spaces! We've learned so many things about what our customers want and need, and we are excited to finally pull the trigger and transform the spaces!

Don't worry, once it's all done, The Merc will still be the comfortable, welcoming place to sit and eat with friends and family, and we'll still have the same mouthwatering, luscious food you've grown to love. You'll just get to enjoy spiffy new finishes and a whole new layout that we're so excited about!

Here's what to expect:

Thursday, February 23:

The Mercantile Store and Bakery will reopen! Make plans to come check out the gorgeous retail store and beautiful bakery! Ree and the bakers have been perfecting the most delicious new bakery items, and you aren't going to want to miss them. Carbs galore!

Mid-to-Late April

While our restaurant is fully operating just a few doors down, the newly remodeled restaurant should be ready by the middle of April and we'll be back in our original spot ready to enjoy the best spring and summer ever! Expect beautiful booths, top-notch tables, colorful finishes, and a glass-enclosed private dining room...and the same delicious Mercantile menu (with a few new surprises!)

While all of the fun updates are going on, don't forget to enjoy a pizza over at P-Town, and big ice cream cones at Charlie's!

We love you all and we thank you for your patience as we plow through these exciting changes.

Can't wait to see ya, both now and after the big reveal!


Ree and The Merc staff